Sunday, May 24, 2015

Recipe #2: Salad of Grilled Cabbage & Bosc Pear, with Sprouts, Walnuts & Balsamico

No more excuses nor apologies- let's keep this food blog going. ;) I'll get better at this, and I believe the key for me is to blog immediately after I've finished playing in my studio (kitchen).

A close up :) 
On that note, something sooooo very simple for you: A salad, of all things, and just because it's a bunch of veggies, doesn't mean I've skimped on taste, believe you me, not. If it doesn't taste good, what's the point in eating it?

I popped over to the Hungarian couple I'd been told about recently, who drive into town on Saturday mornings, selling their fresh produce.   There they still were, at around 10am, when I was returning from my walk, and as it was raining, there was still plenty of stuff. I only bought fresh eggs and cabbage, as with my period immanent, I'll be cleansing over the duration of it, so only drinking water.

This is what I ended up having as my first meal today- Let's call it a salad with all kinds of delights OR, A simple Salad of Grilled Cabbage & Bosc Pear, with Sprouts Walnuts, & Balsamico,  which includes:

-White cabbage (I used approx a quarter, of a medium sized cabbage for myself)
-Olive Oil
-Lamb's Lettuce (handful)
-Bosc pear, very thinly sliced
-Red spring onion, chopped
-*Sprouted Chia
-*Sprouted Rukola/Rocket
-A small clove of garlic, chopped
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Salt and pepper to your desire
*If you don't have sprouts on hand, by all means use a combination of herbs- parsley and/or basil would go very well.
A morning treat- A Simple Salad  :)

To create your work of art:

Get your oven going on the highest setting, and ready to grill.
Finely shred cabbage, and place onto an oiled, salted oven tray, and give it a toss, to incorporate the oil, and tuck it in the oven. Check back on it after 5 minutes to see if it's browning, when it is, give it another toss.  Should be ready in about 10 or so minutes, so in the mean time you can get onto chopping.  
Once you remove the cabbage from the oven, ensure that there's enough oil still on the tray to wet the pear pieces (both sides), and sprinkle salt over the whole lot. Keep an eye on these guys as they're thin- so just a couple of mins in the oven, please! 

Basically now, you're just plating up. :) 
Start with a handful of lambs lettuce, and weave in the cabbage (or just place a handful in the centre of the lettuce. Add everything else, and finish off with the balsamico. 

An added hint for it to taste even better, if I may..Bless your food, give it love and as you eat it, smile, and be grateful for another meal. 


PS: As I'm a novice at this recipe writing, do let me know if I could improve for you. It all makes sense in my own head, though I know sometimes I'm even ahead of myself!!  ;)

The very  next recipe coming up is this one: The almighty Digestive cookie, however you're going to get three versions, the original, and two twists. The one pictured below has cumin and cardamum in it, & some with dark chocolate- an unusual but tasty combo. ;D 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Recipe #1: Not so ordinary Egg Salad

A not so ordinary Egg Salad 

At long last, my first recipe, and even I’m surprised at what’s made the top of my list for what I’ll share with you first.

Recipe first and chatter after, because there’s much to share ;).

What you’ll need  (and please bear with me, as I don’t own any measuring tools, so quantity is approximate - you’ll have to taste your way through this, which is half the fun ;).

6 Eggs
2/3 cup(ish) Greek Yogurt (full fat for best results)
2 small onions
Pickles- as many to your liking
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 Tsp Dijon mustard
Parsley & Thyme (fresh if you have)
Salt and pepper as per your tastebuds
Alfalfa sprouts
A whole lotta love :) 

What to do:
Boil the eggs for at least 4 minutes, unless you fancy runny yolks.

Whilst the eggs are on the go, finely chop the onions, pickles & herbs (if fresh), and combine in a bowl.
Drizzle in olive oil, salt and pepper.
Mix the mustard into the yogurt in a separate bowl, and add them to the mixture.
Take a taste and see if it’s to your liking.
Add the eggs, give it all a mix, and serve on your favorite bread, with **alfalfa sprouts and fresh parsley to top it all off.

Top the salad on your favorite bread, or even pile on top of fresh veggies, (goes very well with steamed asparagus. If you're spreading it on bread, a lovely trick I like to do is to squeeze some fresh lemon on the bread before loading it up. 

**I'll put up a post about how to do alfalfa sprouts shortly- they're so easy! 

Now then, truth be told, I’ve been playing and playing with food - even whilst on my body/mind, no foodcleanse-  creating and experimenting, and that’s half the reason I didn’t get to you sooner.  I know I kept promising a blog on the pictures I’ve been posting, (on my facebook food album and instagram),  but to sit and write was won out by wanting to go and play in the kitchen.

I wasn’t sure what I’d post first, as with playing, and creating new stuff, it was all getting a little overwhelming. This egg salad comes to you first, because it’s the latest thing I made. I hesitate to say, “created,” as it’s only egg salad, but to be quite honest, it’s pretty special.
It won my husbands heart in any case. I swear to you, every time we have a meal, it’s like getting married over and over again. (Which makes for great honeymooning). ;D

You may have noticed that I didn’t use mayonnaise, as per traditional egg salad. In all honestly, that’s two-fold. I refuse to buy mayo from the shop, AND I don’t own a whisk or any large bowls as yet, to make  my own. We (my husband and I), were not at all kidding nor exaggerating, when we’d made our crowd-funding campaign for the book that we are writing together about EFT/Tapping, called “Modern Alchemy for Emotional Freedom.” We’d really maxed out our credit cards,  family support, everything, and I’m blessed to be in a place of my own, rather than gypsy’ing around.

The flat didn’t come with any kitchen toys, like the last places I’ve lived in, and not being in a position to buy the quality things I see in my dreams as yet, has caused me to be more old fashioned. Everything gets done by hand, literally, and I quite love it.  Mind you, I do have one toy - a shiny red Kitchen Aid blender, which I kind of nicked out of my husband’s place, last time I went round there. He is far from complaining though, being the happy recipient of beautiful food.

More to come, now that I’ve started. :)

Thanks for reading, and play with your food!