Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vegan Indian Salad (Raita)

For the vegans, plant-based foodies, and well, all foodies out there (meat or no meat), I have  

Calling all foodies out there, I have the absolute best version of "Raita" (Indian Yogurt Salad), without the yogurt ;). 

Sure, this caters to vegans/plant based foodies, though I promise you, even if you eat meat you may well love this! 

We are making the above marvelousness, and it's so easy!

What you'll need (roughly what I used):

3 medium sized tomatoes 
1/2 medium English cucumber 
1-2 tbsp olive oil 
pinch of salt (to begin with, taste and add more in pinches should you need). 
1-2 tsp of pan toasted cumin seeds (up to your taste)
1-2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast (A vegan/vegetarians BEST friend. See pic below). 
1 small onion chopped finely
A bunch of fresh coriander 
A whole lotta love :D 

Putting it together:

Into a bowl add:
Chop tomatoes and cukes to your liking - I prefer small pieces.
Chop or coriander  (I used coriander shoots- which are just delectable!)
Oil + salt + cumin + nutritional yeast and mix together, so it's somewhat like a paste. 

Add veggies to the bowl and mix. 
Please taste to see if nutritional yeast and salt are balanced. 
Add coriander 

C'est toute :) You're done in about 10 mins. 

Serve with our favorite curry dish OR, just atop plain rice. 

This was how it ended for me, bite after bite of deliciousness! :) 

PS: here's the nutritional yeast I was talking about. It offers such a beautiful flavor to food. I was seriously amazed at how much it altered my food. 

Should you try it, please let me know:).

As always, lotsa love and play with your food! :**

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