Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sprouting Wheatberries - easy as pie!

The naked berry
If you're still new to the art of sprouting, allow me to make it really easy for you.

All you need is a bowl, wheatberries, water, strainer and a few days.

I happened stumble on the nutty grain - where our beloved (wheat) bread comes from, sometime last year.

In a sprouting phase, I did what I'm about to extrapolate on below, sprouting the berries first, before drying them on low heat in the oven and then grounding down to a flour. We had the best digestive biscuits as far as memory serves, though an actual loaf of bread? Can't remember.
After 3 days 

How to sprout?

Take a medium sized (salad) bowl
Add a cup of berries
Wash and then cover with water
Allow to soak for a day (or night)
Strain and rinse the berries in a sieve/colander with small holes
Allow berries to air out for the day (or night) then rinse again

Wheat berries generally sprout quickly, and have a beautifully nutty sweet flavor to them.

I tend to soak overnight, and then rinse in morning and evening. When I'm happy with the roots, I blanch the berries in hot water as I prefer them as such. Can you eat them raw? Try them and see. :)

How my berries were enjoyed:

Over French Onion Soup
 (w/o cheese & bread)

Close Up 

Main Dish: Sprouted Wheat Berries over Sprouted Curried Mung Beans,
with my Home Made Spicy Peach & Pear Chutney
All made with love by yours truly:
This Little Cookie :** <3

Please, I ask you to play, create, share, inspire and repeat. Love you! 


PS: as you know, I'm concerned most with beautiful food, made with love, and a firm believer in food is the energy/meaning you give to it.  I'm sure there's a heap of benefits to all of the above, and should you be interested, I encourage you to search further. 
For me the calorie count is: love
Fat content is: love
Carb contest is: love
Protein content is: love

You get the drift ;) 
More coming up on the topic of food/energy/love over at :)  

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