Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Best (mostly) Raw Chocolate Torte- EVER.

I've made this delectable torte twice now, and I tell you, it gets better and better. Other than the four hour soak time for the cashews, it is about the easiest thing you can make, which would impress the fussiest eaters, and dare I say it, even non-dessert fans. (As in the case of a young fella, who actually went back for seconds).

Not another word without giving thanks to the person from whom I acquired this recipe: Anastasia Halldin, over at Healthymamainfo.com. Infinite thanks!! 

Ready for some serious simplicity? (Unless you only have a small grinder, like myself, whereby it just takes a lot longer....and even then, if you look at the bright side, the torte and everyone who eats it, gets that much more love :). 

What you'll need: 

1 1/2 cups Almonds 
6 tbsp Cacao powder 
1 tbsp Maple syrup 
2 tbsp Coconut oil 
Pinch of salt 

2.5 cups Cashews (*soaked & drained)
1/3 cup Maple syrup
1/2 cup Coconut oil 
6 tbsp Cacao powder 
1/4 cup almond milk (I used cream, hence not truly raw)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract (I used beans from 2 vanilla pods). 
Juice from half small lemon 

1/4 cup Coconut oil 
1/4 cup Cacao powder 
4 tbsp Maple syrup 
1 tsp vanilla extract (I didn't use it)
Pinch of salt 

*As already mentioned, get your cashews soaking well before you wish to make the torte, at least three to four hours soak time.

Combine all crust ingredients in a food processor. Choose your coarseness, and grind longer for a finer crust, or less for more coarse texture. 

Press into cake pan, and place into freezer. 

Combine all filling ingredients in food processor. Blitz till smooth, and pour over crust. 

Place the torte back into the freezer for about an hour. 

To make the ganache, if the coconut oil is already at room temperature, melted, in a bowl, simply add the rest of the ingredients and whisk together, until you have a beautiful glossy sheen. 

If the coconut oil is hard, liquefy over a double boiler, then whisk in the rest of the ingredients. 

Add the ganache to the frozen cake, and watch it harden very quickly (love this part ;)). 

Place back into the freezer, until approximately an hour before serving. 

Use a hot knife to cut through the torte so as to keep it neat. 

Voila- c'est tout :)) 

Feel free to play around with the amount of cacao you use in the three separate layers. The first time I made it, the torte filling was lighter, looking more like milk chocolate, and this time, pure dark decadence. 
You can also add or reduce the amount of maple syrup. This recipe was just right for us all, with just the right amount of everything. 

As always, let me know if you try it, and tweak it somehow to give it your own signature ;D. 


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